Simon Says – How to Play

What is this all about? Over on FB and the TSCC page I had an invite to join the Let’s Play Simon Says Challenge, here is what it was all about…..

Welcome to Let’s Play Simon Says Challenge Event #1:(A Sims 4 game play challenge based on a Sims 3 Challenged hosted by MerryWiddow on our TSCC Forum many years ago.)This will be a ongoing challenge event with several challenges.You may do as many as you like. Skip one challenge (or more) and jump back in when you want to play.They will be stand alone challenges, meaning if you skipped one it shouldn’t matter in the completion of the next challenge. Although, some skills may be built up in previous challenges.Rules:The Save:Open a brand new save.Do not edit any of the worlds.Using this save for all your Simon Says Challenges will be beneficial, as skills will be built along they way.
Sim:Young Adult/Adult/Elder (if using another creator’s sim be sure to give credit when posting your challenge event entry)Zero SkillsThird Party CC may be used on your sim.Place your sim in an available empty home or empty lot.

Cheats:This is your game, so play as you like. You may cheat needs, skills, etc. It all depends on your style of play or the amount of time you have to invest in this challenge.This is not a simoleon earning challenge so you may use any money cheats to place any lot on your sim’s home lot.
The Challenge Event:Simon Says…..
“Complete the hidden Grilled Cheese Aspiration and post a screenshot of your sim in my chosen location(s) with proof of completion.”
Tip: to unlock the grilled cheese aspiration your sim needs to cook a family or party group meal and eat 3 grilled cheese sandwiches in one sitting.Add lot traits: Home Studio (City Living), Homey(Base Game) and Chef’s Kitchen(City Living) to boost skill gain. Chef’s Kitchen will make the grilled cheese an excellent quality instantly .
Link for lists of lot traits: Carl’s Sims 4 Guide for a Grilled Cheese Aspiration Guide…/grilledcheese.phpBe warned, weight will be gained quickly during this challenge!Follow the aspiration levels to complete.!!Your proof of completion will be your 3 paintings posted in the entry screenshot. (There are actually 4 paintings)!!**Check in the comments below for the challenge screenshots**There will be a Base Game challenge along with a Game Pack/Stuff Pack/Expansion Challenge Screenshot for each challenge event. This way everyone can play, even if not all Game Packs/Stuff Packs/Expansions are owned.Base Game Neighborhoods: Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, NewCrest

Entry: Place your sim in the same location (same angle) doing the same action that Simon is doing/or has completed. All main objects in the background of the shot must be in your entry screenshot. (Time of day/weather not required.)Upload your screenshot entry to the challenge event post. Add the hashtag #SimonSays to your entry and to your Sim if your uploading to the gallery. You may do both Base Game and Game/Stuff/Expansion Screenshots if you choose.
Good Luck! Winner: First one to post their picture(s) has bragging rights! Locations: After Deadline the location(s) will be revealed.